Center for Biblical Studies  —  serves as a viable extension of St. James in its reach to achieve and implement our mission statement. The goal is to assist in the continual development of strong leadership through a two 12-week term, each year, biblical studies and sound doctrine program. St. James Center for Biblical Studies is an accredited learning facility by Shaw University Divinity School of North Carolina. There are three divisions by which courses are organized and delivered: Division I – Basic Bible Courses; Division II – Practical Living Courses and Division III – Theology/Mission Courses.

Facilities & Maintenance —  manage the daily operations of the church as it relates to upkeep and maintenance.

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Santiago Bookstore  —  a for profit Christian bookstore, located inside the church, geared at providing comparative shopping for members and the community; also, a medium for ordering published church books, materials, supplies, and promotional items for members of all ages.  Learn more

Security  —  provides a safe environment for members, visitors and community as they worship by patrolling parking lot, liaison to local authorities, as well as, secure ‘special guests’ when visiting.

Special Events  —  designed to assist members and community with planning, processing and information on events utilizing all services of the church; i.e. weddings—-service which plans, organizes, and schedules dates for wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal and other related activities; acts as liaison between the Pastor and wedding coordinators’ speaking on behalf of couples’ intending to be married.

Vehicle Maintenance

Veteran’s Ministry