To serve as a catalyst that promotes servant hood and engages members of our fellowship to serve one another and the community by connecting in various ministries. There are several sub-ministries within the Adult Ministries umbrella of St. James.

Care Disciples  —  servants developed for the intake of new believers, those needing prayer and those wishing to unite with the church during any church related service.

Evangelism  —  team tasked with sharing the Gospel of Jesus in the community and beyond the walls.

General Services  —  committed to ushering, greeting, directing and assisting worshipers into the Sanctuary with humility and in a hospitable manner.

Grief Ministry  —  designed to assist those journeying through life losses by providing resources, ongoing support and comfort to family members, as well as, assisting with arrangements and/or service preparation.

Human Resources  — designed to assist job seekers (members or non-members) with finding permanent employment, assist with resume writing, conducting job search workshops, etc.

Newcomers  —  team developed to process and educate new members via intake, orientation and information sessions, fellowship and follow up.

Prison Ministry  —  designed to visit and evangelize men and women of the community and correctional facilities, locally and statewide. Our goal is to lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and studying. Furthermore, it is our desire that we encourage them to adapt to new roles and responsibilities to God first, self, family and the community.

The Movement  —  members between the ages of 18 – 35 that have a heart for reaching souls utilizing the current trends and innovations to reshape minds of what ministry looks like, using  technology, FaceBook, social mediums and other non-traditional means.