To be a servant for every person that enters the doors of St. James and provide a one on one experience with an exchange of LOVE with a Gracious and Spiritual attitude.


  • To provide a comfortable atmosphere that is welcoming, orderly, and friendly for ALL members and visitors who worship at St. James.
  • To ensure that the ALL members and visitors receive the care that is needed to enjoy a pleasant WORSHIP experience.
  • To make St. James a church that people want to be a part of because of the CARE received from our department and a place where people see GOD’s Servants at work.


  • Adult Ushers – Jimmy Jones, President
  • Adult Greeters – Merilen Graham, President
  • Senior Saints 70+ – Eartha Colson, Ministry Lead
  • Health & Wellness – Deborah Duncan Hurdle, Ministry Lead
  • Health Care Providers – Sheryl Kellough, Ministry Lead
  • Volunteers – Sharhonda Broaders, Ministry Lead

Contact Information

Darrel Overton

Darrell Overton
General Services Ministry – Department Head