St. James Baptist Church was first organized in 1927.  With our humble beginnings, the church began to grow.  Over the next 45 years, walking in faith, we have been led by Godly appointed pastoral leadership.  After the passing of Rev. E. M. Franklin in 1992, who led the church for 39 years, Rev. B. W. McClendon was called in September 1993 to pastor; and continues to lead our congregation to higher heights.

Through the consistent teaching of God’s word and faithful membership, we were blessed to build our current worship center in 2006, on the beautiful site at 3417 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, in the heart of East Austin, TX.

From 1993 to present, the membership continues to blossom and grow as Dr. McClendon preaches the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ and stays focused on Worshiping, Witnessing, Building through Discipleship and Sending our members into the community to share the gospel with others.

Our Motto: “We are hooked on the book!”