St James Community Institute for Biblical Studies (SJCIBS) in affiliation with Christian Bible Institute & Seminary was spiritually established in 2007 as a formal theological training institute.

Our Mission:

SJCIBS is dedicated to providing biblically sound training that leads one to discover Christ, to learn Christ, to grow in Christ, and to manifest Christ. Our desire is to prepare one for the work of the ministry, to assist one in fulfilling their calling, and to help one to live out the Gospel.


Deacons Class

Dates: November 14, 2022 to December 19, 2022

Location: St. James Multi-Purpose Room

Tuition Fee: $20*

Course Description: This course outlines the qualities sought, the qualification and duties of, and the biblical basis for deacons in the church. Special emphasis will be placed on their roles in support of pastoral ministries.

Instructors: Deacon Samuel Matthews, Deacon Lee Dent, Deacon Charles Adams, and Deacon Bobby Jefferson

Textbooks can be purchased in the Santiago Christian Bookstore.

*Tuition Fee is waived for St. James Deacons.

Check back for information on 2023 courses

Sample Class Offerings:

  • Pentateuch
  • Homiletics
  • Evangelism
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Study of Systematic Theology
  • Christology
  • Poetic Books of the Bible

Teachers include seminarians and instructors who have degrees, and certificates from institution of higher learning. Students enrolled in SJCIBS will receive a Certificate of Completion and participate in SJCIBS Graduation Ceremony after successfully completing required core courses and electives (10 classes) from SJCIBS.


Wilma Stevens, President

Dr. Nathan Robertson Jr., Dean

Dr. Leon McCowan, Chancellor


St. James Church Office
Phone: 512-928-2753

Tina VanHook, Registrar
Email: tchelle1965@gmail.com
Phone: 512-914-9330

Wilma Stevens, President
Email: wasatx@aol.com
Phone: 512-497-2391