The St. James Community Institute for Biblical Studies is dedicated to providing biblically sound training that leads one to discover Christ, to learn Christ, to grow in Christ, and to manifest Christ. Our desire is to prepare one for the work of the ministry, to assist one in fulfilling their calling, and to help one to live out the Gospel.


Affiliated with the Christian Bible Institute & Seminary Inc., Jacksonville, Florida. Teachers include seminarians and instructors who have degrees, and certificates from institutions of higher learning.

30 Hours required for Certificate of Completion
— All Core Classes required for Graduation
— Certificate of Participation will be issued the end of each semester

Core Classes

  • Pentateuch
  • New Testament
  • How the Bible Came to Be
  • Study of the Poetic Books of the Bible
  • Study of Systematic Theology
  • Christology
  • Homiletics
  • Effective Prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Layperson Preparation

Polity & Practice

  • Deacons Training
  • Deacon Wives Instructional Training

Christian Leadership

  • Christian Leadership


  • How to Eat to Live Biblically
  • Parenting
  • Singles
  • Marriage is NOT for Children

Wilma Stevens
Director of St. James Institute for Biblical Studies

Email: wasatx@aol.com
Phone: (512) 497-2391