Evangelism Ministry serves everyone, with the purpose to share the gospel of the kingdom so that it is preached in all of the world for a witness unto all nations. We glorify the Lord in All… prayer and lifestyle. Matthew 24:14

K2 (To Know CHRIST and To Make CHRIST Known)

Each One Win One

2021 Praise Testimony Thursdays - Post


Listen as our sisters and brothers share their FAITH to encourage the unbeliever to follow Christ and Believe.

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Contact: Rev. Lee Armstrong at evangelism@stjamescmbc.org

Prayer Challenge

Join us as we do what we have been called to do… be available to GOD, lead others to JESUS CHRIST, and encourage them with prayer!

You encounter people daily, believers and non-believers.  So, why not stop for a moment to pray with them. But before you pray, do a SALVATION Check! This is the opportunity to lead someone to JESUS CHRIST.


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Rev. Lee Armstrong
Minister of Evangelism

Email: evangelism@stjamescmbc.org
Phone: 512-928-2753 EXT 325