Vision and Mission

To provide materials and services that support the ministries of the church, and help individuals to grow in the faith and Christian living.

Read to lead a better life.

Library Information

Book Swap

Join the St. James’ Library Book Swap.  Bring a book, take a book. The Book Swap is open to adults and students. All books must be approved by the Church Librarian.  Located at South Entrance, 2nd Floor

Library Hours

Hours:  Wednesdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm  (and as requested)

Join the Library Summer Reading Club!

Now that the Community Reading Academy has ended, there is no need to stop reading. Join the St. James Summer Reading Club.

Summer Reading Program
July 1 – August 15

Win a prize for the most books read.

Get your Reading Log Form today!
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For more information, contact Mary Ashford @ (512)928-2753.

10 Tips For Success On Reading Tests

  1. Carefully read all test directions.
  2. Look over the questions first, then read the passage, so you’ll be reading with a purpose.
  3. Use context clues to help you figure out words you don’t understand.
  4. Pay attention to the order of events. Look for words such as first,
    next, then, and later.
  5. Watch for absolute words that can change meaning, such as all, always, never, not, and only.
  6. Underline key words that tell what happened and why.
  7. Find evidence in the passage that supports your answer choice.
  8. Review all of the possible answers seems correct, choose the one that best answers the questions.
  9. For multiple choice questions, if more than one answer seems correct, choose the one that best answers the question.
  10. Be sure to write neatly, and check your answers if you have time.

Sis. Mary Ashford

(512) 914-5902