In December 1993, St. James Baptist Church established a scholarship program in honor and memory of the late Rev. E. M. Franklin. The E. M. Franklin Scholarship Program was developed and perfected by the late Sister Delores Thomas, who ensured that each senior had an opportunity to excel academically. The vision of this dedicated worker stills lives on. She passed away in 2009.

This program awards scholarships to qualifying high school students who are members of St. James Baptist Church.

Application Deadline: March 26, 2023


An application package is complete and eligible for consideration only when the following items are received by the deadline:

  1. This application
  2. Be an active member of St. James Baptist Church
  3. Have a minimum of a 2.75 GPA at the time of submission
  4. Be accepted to an accredited college, university or technical school
  5. Submit a certified high school transcript including the most recently concluded semester/trimester
  6. Provide 2 letters of recommendation: a.) one, from a Member of St. James, which reflects your church involvement b.) one, from a representative from your school (Principal, Teacher, Counselor, etc.) or one that is an unbiased personal reference (non-immediate family member)
  7. Be a full time student (part time is acceptable with proof of employment) and provide proof of admission and enrollment in order to receive payment
  8. A personal statement indicating your response to the following question: In what ways do you plan to engage in Christian commitment, academic excellence, and leadership/service as you complete your academic endeavors?
    Note: Statements are limited to 350 words; must be typed, double-spaced; at least 12pt Font Size; and in Arial or Times New Roman Font
  9. Student photo (digital)

The awarding of any scholarships by the St. James Scholarship Committee is contingent upon the student fulfilling all of the above requirements in addition to completing the Distribution Agreement Form prior to the award disbursement.

For questions, contact the St. James Scholarship Committee at scholarships@stjamescmbc.org.


Application Deadline is May 14, 2023 for all scholarships.

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