The Mission of the Special Services Department of St. James is to continue to do the work of Christ, as we strive to meet the needs of our members and community. Special Services communicates with outside agencies in partnership with St. James.


Entrepreneur Ministry

The Entrepreneur Ministry seeks to promote and support businesses within our congregation and provide members the opportunity to exchange goods and services between Christian professionals, congregants and the Greater Austin community.

The Ministry also maintains a current business directory of Ministry Members Business Owners. The Business Directory is available online at stjamescmbc.org/entrepreneurs.

St. James members that are interested in participating in the Entrepreneur Ministry can register online at here.

Ministry Manager: Sis. Terri Davis (email: entrepreneur@stjamescmbc.org)


Helping Hands

The Helping Hand Ministry seeks to assist our church family and the community by providing food baskets and other resources to help in their time of need.

The Ministry assists with referrals to other agencies to promote the most efficient use of available resources.

Ministry Manager: Sis. Shirley Brown


Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry consists of a team of dedicated members who through prayer and faith strive to Glorify God in providing meals to our bereaved church and family members following the funerals services of their love ones.

Ministry Manager: Sis. Ilinda Williams



Special Services Department Head: Sis. Sandra Doyle