College tours are a great way to find out more about about prospective schools and help choose the right school.

Campus visits are beneficial for:

  • High school students and their parents
  • Students that would like to transfer from a Community College or a Junior College to a 4 year College/University
  • Students wishing to pursue a Masters or Doctorate

The St. James College Prep ministry currently does not have any college tour dates scheduled for the 2022 – 2023 school year. We are encouraging students to make a list of the schools they are interesting in attending, and sign-up for virtual tours that are now offered online at many college websites. Live virtual tours often provide question and answer sessions following the tour. Attending virtual tours first can also help narrow the list of colleges you plan to visit in person which will save time and money.


Start your scholarship search early in the school year in order to determine what is available for specific schools, states, and majors. Several scholarships opportunities are offered each year through St. James. Visit our Scholarships page for eligibility requirements and application deadlines.


Andi Smith

Andi Smith
College Prep Ministry Lead